How Much Should Web Design Cost? 2023 Updated Guide

Mid-size agencies will typically charge $25,000 to $50,000+ for custom web design. And, if you don’t care about building a strong brand, you can get a generic, uninspiring web design from a online website builder or a designer willing to give you a template design for $5. And some will charge you an extra fee per month to maintain and update your website. Free website builders have gotten incredibly popular, and it’s easy to understand why. The tools are accessible, and many best website builders offer additional services and features, including hosting, marketing, and more. Earlier in here, you see the range of hourly rate is between $15-$75.

2-3 colors are absolutely enough for the start, and you better make sure they conform with your corporate styles and branding. The price depends on what you want your website to do, how fast you want it to run, how safe you want it to be, and how much traffic you want it to handle. In other words, the amount of money you spend will directly reflect how capable your website is. Of course, WordPress is capable of handling your traffic, leads, opt-ins, conversions, and customers. But only if you use the right theme and add the right plugins.

These aren’t necessarily included in the base cost of your design. We can also get more granular with the web design costs of custom site creation. Of course, designing and developing a website is a significant undertaking. You’ll need years of experience and education to create your own site from the ground up – or enough money to pay a team of experts to do it. Are you looking for something fresh and different when it comes to web design?

web design cost

Digital Marketing strategies like search engine optimization , pay-per-click ads, and social media marketing are a major help here. If it fails, then your company risks losing valuable customers and credibility. Normally a mobile-friendly design costs between $3000 to $25,000. I would like to mention here that the average web design cost varies from $1000 to more than $100,000. There are a variety of factors that influence the cost of web design, including the website’s style, size, functionality features, etc. And hire IT professionals to create written content for your site, there will be an additional cost of $500 – $3,000.

Website Builder Cost: Summary

By maintaining a clean and precisely designed website, you improve your brand’s quality and authenticity while presenting true professionalism. Examples of websites include,, and All published and publicly accessible websites constitute the Internet .

  • Only add plugins that you feel will enhance your visitors’ experience while on the site.
  • The reason for this is obvious — creating something from nothing takes more thought, time, and energy and will thus cost more money.
  • It’s not unusual to find larger firms that charge tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • On crowdspring, web design projects can run from 1 to 7 days and you can always extend any project without cost if you need a little more time.
  • A standard website design cost in the world starts from $400~$2000.
  • Depending on your website requirements what you will need may differ, or you may need to provide us with more content.

There are three options for you to choose from when designing a website. You can either use a website builder, WordPress, or a professional web designer or web design agency. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks and of course different costs. More importantly, the method you choose is what will determine your overall cost. When you hire an individual or a company to build you a custom website, you are essentially paying for professionals services at an hourly rate. They should grow proportionately to the size, complexity, and requirements of your website.

The agency that you hired for your work will also work to maximize your conversion rate and returns on investment . And If you are aware of them, then you probably know how critical they are in your competitive market. A huge number of people are not satisfied with their site outlook or appearance. They need more and more colorful, outstanding graphical aspect and high resolution. Obviously, a single page site needs no large scale developing. He’s passionate about building the next trendsetters – applications, that change people’s behavior patterns.

Medium-Sized Company:

More importantly is how they do it, they treat your business as their own. Design Studio after a long and cumbersome process of selection. Their web design portfolio and obvious technical skill drew us in to what would be the best decision we ever made. They are extremely professional and highly skilled, but most important, they listen and communicate consistently from concept to execution.

The plugin is free, but if you want a Sucuri account and access to all its features, then the cheapest Sucuri plan costsabout $200 per year. If you need professional, creative, inspiring, world-class web design with video production, professional photography services; a local web design agency would make more sense . View the average cost for upfront and ongoing website expenses, by business type, below. Her work has appeared on, Business News Daily,,, and Kin Insurance. UX, or user experience, is the process where the designer focuses on providing users with the best experience.

Basic sites are informational but cannot work properly when a large number of users stacked in their system. Depending on design parameters and aspects; website design in the UK has been enlisted recently with better statistical viewpoints. Aligned digital, a globally renowned company provides pretty packages for websites. They fixed the costs according to every client’s expectation and demand.

web design cost

The plugin is free, but if you want a Sucuri account and access to all its features, then the cheapest Sucuri plan costs $199.99 per year. Bluehost is the best overall, for both shared and managed WordPress hosting. InMotion offers a strong set of managed WordPress plans, making it a great Bluehost alternative if you’re looking for something more robust, but be mindful that it’s more expensive. HostGator only provides shared WordPress hosting, but it does it well. If you want to add apps to your site, then there’s often a mix of free and paid ones to choose from. Paid apps aren’t usually expensive, ranging from $3 to $60 per month – you get to pick which apps to install and which plan you want, so you’re in total control of this cost.

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Our higher-priced packages give you more design options and more sophisticated designs. Remember that when you pay more, we offer a higher award to the winning designer. This motivates more people to participate and share their custom designs.

web design cost

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what features are worth spending money on. Depending on the new function you want, it could be free or an annual subscription fee of $100-plus per year. SSL certification means that your visitors are protected from unwanted cyberattacks. This certificate changes your site from an HTTP to an HTTPS prefix in the web domain, showing web browsers that you have invested in security for the website.

Is it worth paying for a web designer?

We tried and reviewed the design agency Hibu, so we can give you a more accurate estimate based on their charge rates. However, remember that other agencies and freelancers will have their own pricing tables. Just like plugins, there are both free and premium themes for you to choose from. Free themes are a great way of getting started, and you can find some stylish ones in the WordPress theme directory. Just bear in mind that they might not be as professional or loaded with features as premium themes, which can cause you to rely more heavily on plugins further down the line. Many beginners use WordPress, but if you want a complex or custom website, then chances are you might need to hire a WordPress developer to help make your ideas a reality.

web design cost

Web design agencies are suited for businesses that want the best possible quality, the most customized solution, and are prepared to pay the highest fees. Instead of a single freelance designer, a whole team of professionals will be working on your project, which will be reflected in the quality of the final result. A lot of IT firms and hosting companies have ready-made website designs. People ask there to know the price of the required websites they need. For example- if you need to run a small business with a website, IT firms show you prices according to templates. A webpage relies on some key factors- style, functionality, pages, size, features, database.

How Much Does a Website Cost Using a Web Designer?

Create the website for your business, get all your content on a secure hosting account backed-up, and optimized. Your website will potentially reach your entire target audience in Queens and all over the entire world. Fully mobile responsive website design across all platforms for user accessibility to your content. Schedule a 30 mins free consultation with our website designers. The cost varies from company to company and works to work, but the cost of maintenance is negotiable. So 1 to 10 pages costs between $1000 to $2000, 10 to 50 pages costs between $2000 to $3000, 50 to 150 pages costs between $3000 to $6500, and 150 to 250 pages costs between $6500 to $10,000.

And that’s why the web design cost varies from $50,000 to $100,000. Of course, cheap or even free stock images are always an option, but they won’t guarantee a one-of-a-kind look. A more individual approach would be to use custom-made graphics created specifically for your brand. If you plan to sell products on your website, you’ll also need high-quality product photography. In essence, the cost of a website depends on the number and complexity of web pages as well as the extent of customization. Building a website is an elaborate process that includes various elements.

Other Feature that influences Web Design Costs:

Designers and developers may need to work together to get you the CMS product you require. If you’re applying the same design standard to all your pages, your website’s design should be relatively inexpensive. However, if you want a unique design for every page, or if you have lots of page-level designs to create for your site, it’s going to inflate your total website cost. Some website builder have built-in eCommerce functionality .

Certain industries will require certain elements to be integrated, and this may add to the ultimate cost when handing the design elements over. Of course, the number of total web design cost pages also affects the cost and work that must be done to get the website up and running. You must obtain hosting for the website so that visitors can see what’s on the site.

Similarly, look for styles of the website whether it is documentary or multimedia. If you require a website instantly or within 2 / 3 days, definitely it costs more than that of 7 / 8 days. For instance, compare a travel blog with a telemedicine website platform such as a telemedicine web app. The former has simple features, while the latter will have features such as payment, video assistance, and live calling. Blogs are usually useful in sharing content in detail; however, the site is not too complex. A minimal design of the blog may help in saving some bucks.

Sometimes Companies also choose a very complex design to cover more area and that’s why web design prices range from $10,000 to $50,000. Last but not least, your web design cost will increase with any additional feature you choose to incorporate. It’s an excellent user engagement catalyst and helps to build a community around a topic of mutual interest between you and your web visitors.

This will be your website’s address on the internet, and this is what your users will type in the browser to reach your website (, e.g.). The most important reason why SSL is used is to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can access it. This is important because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server.

Now you are familiar with the types of websites, let’s determine more about the cost of designing. If so, then you may have to figure out the web design cost, the construction, complexity, and number of pages to undertake the process while delivering a good user experience. The downside of hiring a web designer for your site is that it can be super expensive.